Tuesday, March 13, 2012

David's Grooms Cake

David is from Boston and an avid sports fan, so it was a clear choice as to the theme of his Groom's cake. I designed the top tier around his love of Bruin's hockey, and the bottom tier was split with the Patriot's logo on the front...

...and a Red Sox jersey on the back.  The cake was white almond with gold tinted Swiss meringue buttercream filling.  10" bottom and 6" top tiers were draped in vanilla marshmallow fondant.  Gumpaste was used for logo and lettering detail. 

This Bruins logo was a labor of love.  It took about 6 hours to complete, but it turned out pretty cool.  The entire logo was made of gumpaste.  The details were cut with a fine exacto blade and "glued" together with tiny droplets of water.

 David's fiancee, Amy, suggested that the cake incorporate a hockey fan wearing a ball and chain. I thought it would be a great topper. He was sculpted using gumpaste.

                  Congrats David!!  Go Bruins!!

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