Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sophia's Beach Party cake

Summer beach party time for my niece Sophia's 4th birthday.  This one was SO fun, and I think Soph loved it.  The main cake was 3 layers of white cake torted with Swiss meringue buttercream.  Beach ball was also white cake wrapped in marshmallow fondant. Gumpaste seashells and life preservers, Marshmallow fondant waves and bubbles. Brown sugar for beach sand worked out better than I expected. Bonus: I found a new use for my leaf cutter - FISH!  

Strawberry cupcakes with brown sugar sand and tiny gumpaste beach balls.  See artsy-fartsy pictures below to see the ball making process:


  1. i give your web site for all my friends and they love your pics and the handmade of cakes!

  2. this cake is just spectacular. May I ask how you support a sphere cake atop another cake without it collapsing?

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