Tuesday, March 13, 2012

David & Amy's Wedding

 I love to bake for weddings, and this one was so much fun! I first met with Amy (the bride-to-be), her fiancee David, and Amy's mom Peggy back in October of last year for a cake tasting and initial consultation. It was so fantastic to see all of our plans finally come together for the big day on March 10th! Amy's colors were lavender, lapis (a really deep purple) and light green.  For the main cake, the bride decided on wedding white almond cake filled with lavender vanilla Swiss meringue. The cakes are 8" and 5", draped in vanilla marshmallow fondant.  Satin ribbon was wrapped around for detail.  Amy wanted a super clean, classic design - always a good bet for a pretty wedding cake.

  On the cake table, we filled the cupcake tree with about 90 cupcakes and still had a little room to spare at the bottom.  Half of the cupcakes were wedding white almond cake with traditional buttercream swirls, tinted pale lavender. The other half were chocolate, and topped with deep purple Swiss Meringue buttercream to match the ribbon on the cake. All cupcakes were sprinkled with edible pearls.  That table smelled SO good.

CONGRATULATIONS, David and Amy! Thanks to you guys and also to Peggy & Randy for letting play be a small part in the big day.

(See below for the Groom's Cake and  birthday cake for Nick, one of the Groomsmen :)

David's Grooms Cake

David is from Boston and an avid sports fan, so it was a clear choice as to the theme of his Groom's cake. I designed the top tier around his love of Bruin's hockey, and the bottom tier was split with the Patriot's logo on the front...

...and a Red Sox jersey on the back.  The cake was white almond with gold tinted Swiss meringue buttercream filling.  10" bottom and 6" top tiers were draped in vanilla marshmallow fondant.  Gumpaste was used for logo and lettering detail. 

This Bruins logo was a labor of love.  It took about 6 hours to complete, but it turned out pretty cool.  The entire logo was made of gumpaste.  The details were cut with a fine exacto blade and "glued" together with tiny droplets of water.

 David's fiancee, Amy, suggested that the cake incorporate a hockey fan wearing a ball and chain. I thought it would be a great topper. He was sculpted using gumpaste.

                  Congrats David!!  Go Bruins!!

Nick's Deer Hunting cake

The final cake associated with this past weekend's wedding was this birthday cake of one of David and Amy's Groomsmen, Nick.  Nick loves to hunt deer, so this was a great opportunity to try out some camouflage fondant for the first time.  Basically, I just used strips of alternate-colored fondant squished together and rolled out to make one flat sheet of fondant to cover the cake. The cake was a 7" round filled with hunter-orange Swiss meringue buttercream. 

The animal we see here atop the cake is "scared deer #2", as the first little guy I made fell in the sink and broke in to a million pieces about 4 hours before delivery.  Such are the unpredictable moments of cake making!!  All was well, however, because I actually like the expression on the final deer better anyway, so it all worked out for the best.  The trees and sign are also made of gumpaste.  Border piped with hunter-orange Swiss meringue buttercream.

Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nick!!