Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brooklyn's Princess Castle cake

Brooklyn's 1st birthday cake was a castle fit for a little princess! The square bottom tier and top round was white almond sour cream cake, with a layer of pink Swiss meringue buttercream inside. Pink marshmallow fondant draped the tiers. The towers were made by wrapping gumpaste around cardboard tubes, which dried nice and stiff for stability. Turrets were inverted ice cream cones also wrapped in gumpaste. Marshmallow and gumpaste details.

The castle door was made of marshmallow fondant, with a gumpaste border and edible pearl door doorknobs.  Royal icing held everything in place quite nicely.

Here's a side view. I am still a little amazed that I managed to get all of the towers staggered in the same way I had pictured in my head before beginning the cake.  I think I got lucky!  Special thanks to Brooklyn's mom Leslie for an opportunity to make this castle cake. 

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!

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  1. ohh i take ideas for my clousin party! every body visit your page and love your cakes!!