Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Shower Cake for Sydney

This was a cute little baby bottle cake I made for baby girl Sydney's shower. The bottom tier was two 8" layers of white almond cake with a layer of vanilla butter cream with fresh pureed strawberries mixed in - can't have enough pink touches for a baby girl.  The bottle was made up of three 4" rounds stacked and filled with butter cream. The top was sculpted for the rounded bottle-top look, and crowned with a 3" round for the bottle top. Gum paste was used to make the ribbon loops, bow, nipple and lettering. Marshmallow fondant covered the cakes.
Pink and mint green has to be one of the best color combos ever.  This was also the first time I've used my Tappits letter cutters - LOVE them. If you ever use them yourself here are a few beginner tips: Roll your material about 3-4 mm thick, no less and no more.  Use a good dusting of powdered sugar on the material surface before cutting, that way it won't stick in the letter grooves as easily.  And they're called Tappits for a reason - but "Whackkits" would be more appropriate. Seriously, don't be afraid to whack that letter strip on the counter top to get the letters out.  It's the best way to pop them out in one piece. 

Welcome to the world, Sydney!  Another thanks to Leslie for letting me make this cake for her event.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kennedy's 'Rainbow Princess' Castle Cake

For Kennedy's birthday, I made her this "rainbow princess" cake.  Kennedy is the niece of my good friend Jen, and also Lincoln's sister for whom I made the Mickey Mouse cake a few months ago. I love it: Lincoln and Kennedy - mom and dad get an A+ in the kid-naming department!! This is the second "princess castle' cake I've done recently, this time a little smaller and with one less tower. I also used a 8"round for the castle base as opposed to the 10 "square base used on Brooklyn's castle cake. The birthday girl requested strawberry cake, and I filled the layers with Swiss meringue filling, flavored with pureed fresh strawberries. Castle base and second tier were draped with vanilla marshmallow fondant.
I'd heard that Kennedy wanted a rainbow and a princess on top, so this was a great opportunity to attempt each which I've been anxious to try.
 Towers were made from cardboard tubes wrapped in wax paper and covered with gum paste.  I lightly scored each tower with a knife to make the "bricks". The tower spires were inverted ice cream cones wrapped in gum paste.  Balconies, windows and flowers were all cut from gum paste.  Other details were made with marshmallow fondant.
Happy Birthday, Kennedy!

Michele's Police Lady Cake

It was our friend Michele's last day at CTC last week, as she starts her new career as a police officer.  In honor of her new career, I made this giant doughnut cake complete with hilarious overly-busty police lady. It was a pretty funny and fitting cake for her new career choice. The white almond cake was made using bundt pans (two cakes were baked), sculpted and formed together for the doughnut shape. Cake was filled with a layer of vanilla Swiss meringue butter cream and draped in a layer of marshmallow fondant. The white "icing" on the doughnut was also made of marshmallow fondant.  "Sprinkles" were made with gum paste, using the fondant tube extruder, and cut to size with kitchen shears.
The police lady figure, tiny handcuffs and coffee cup were all sculpted using gum paste.

GOOD LUCK Michele!  
You will be missed but it certain that you'll make one badass lady cop.