Sunday, August 12, 2012

Karsyn & Payslie's Barn Cake and Animal Friend Cupcakes

I made this cake about 4 months ago, and am obviously a little slow at posting these days.  ;)

This super fun cake was made for sisters Karsyn and Payslie's 5th and 3rd birthday party back in April. The barn cake was layers of white with Swiss meringue buttercream filling.  barnyard animals were sculpted from gumpaste.
Animal cupcakes - assorted strawberry, vanilla, chocolate. YUM!
This was probably the most intricate cake I've done in a while, so it took a little extra planning.   I stacked the barn part of the cake in two sections for stability, so there were basically two cakes there.  Then I placed the barn on a set of two 10" stacked rounds, and drove a sharpened dowel through the entire cake. I used marshmallow fondant panels for the sides of the barn, and cut individual mmf files for the roof to make it look more authentic.  A little more work, but totally worth it.  

Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Karsyn & Payslie!  Thanks to mom, Christin for the special order ;) 

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