Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kennedy's 'Rainbow Princess' Castle Cake

For Kennedy's birthday, I made her this "rainbow princess" cake.  Kennedy is the niece of my good friend Jen, and also Lincoln's sister for whom I made the Mickey Mouse cake a few months ago. I love it: Lincoln and Kennedy - mom and dad get an A+ in the kid-naming department!! This is the second "princess castle' cake I've done recently, this time a little smaller and with one less tower. I also used a 8"round for the castle base as opposed to the 10 "square base used on Brooklyn's castle cake. The birthday girl requested strawberry cake, and I filled the layers with Swiss meringue filling, flavored with pureed fresh strawberries. Castle base and second tier were draped with vanilla marshmallow fondant.
I'd heard that Kennedy wanted a rainbow and a princess on top, so this was a great opportunity to attempt each which I've been anxious to try.
 Towers were made from cardboard tubes wrapped in wax paper and covered with gum paste.  I lightly scored each tower with a knife to make the "bricks". The tower spires were inverted ice cream cones wrapped in gum paste.  Balconies, windows and flowers were all cut from gum paste.  Other details were made with marshmallow fondant.
Happy Birthday, Kennedy!

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  1. Love love love this cake!! It's so funny because I was looking for pics so I could make my daughter Kennedy a princess cake too. Then I started reading your page and discovered that my Kennedy also has a brother named Lincoln!!!! We also have a Carter as well!! Too Funny!!